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Junior Cycle

How will the Framework for Junior Cycle support equality and inclusion?

How will the Framework for Junior Cycle support equality and inclusion?

The Framework for Junior Cycle 2015 is designed to give schools increased levels of flexibility, choice and autonomy in the programmes that they offer; it presents a curriculum designed for all students, not for some. The same Framework applies to all. The same Statements of Learning are for all. The new assessment and reporting arrangements apply equally to all students. The Framework allows a school to customise and personalise programmes to suit particular students, student groups or student cohorts.

The Framework can address inequality through the following means:

  • It recognises the learning achievements of all junior cycle learners
  • It develops the specifications for all subjects and short courses centrally so that all students work towards the same learning outcomes
  • The new specifications set out expectations for learners and examples of student work that show what achievement of those expectations looks like, so that students, parents and teachers can understand the standard being worked towards
  • Specifications are for the most part set and assessed at a common level encouraging the formation of mixed-ability classes
  • Assessment methods are more varied and less time-critical to suit the full range and types of learners
  • It offers the award of the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) to all students. 
In the vast majority of cases, the achievements reported will relate to subjects and short courses that are broadly aligned with Level 3 of the NFQ. In a small number of cases where students cannot access some or all of the subjects and short courses at Level 3 they will have followed Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs), which are broadly aligned with Level 2 of the NFQ. 
There are also Level 1 Learning Programmes (L1LPs) in development, aligned with Level 1 of the NFQ. This means that a small minority of students whose general learning disabilities fall in the lower moderate to severe and profound ranges who undertake these L1LPs will have their achievements in L1LPs recognised on the JCPA also.