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Junior Cycle

What will subject specifications look like?

What will subject specifications look like?

Existing junior cycle subjects will be reviewed and new specifications developed to reflect the Framework for Junior Cycle, 2015. The term ‘specification’ will replace what we previously called a ‘syllabus’ and will apply to both subjects and short courses.

The specifications will specify both curriculum and assessment and its sections will include:
  • Introduction to junior cycle
  • Aim
  • Rationale
  • Links with statements of learning and the 8 key skills
  • Course overview including the strands and elements of each subject and short course and the learning outcomes
  • Expectations for learners
  • Assessment and Reporting 

The new specifications will build on students’ learning in primary school and prepare them for learning in senior cycle. The specifications for all subjects and NCCA short courses will be available a year in advance of their introduction date in schools.

Apart from English, Irish and Mathematics, each subject will require a mimimum of 200 hours of timetabled student engagement that includes teaching, learning and assessment activity. English, Irish and Mathematics will each require a mimimum of 240 hours of timetabled student engagement.